Wednesday, June 12, 2013

37 weeks - full term!

We are now at the 37 week mark as of Monday, and I'm feeling rather large. Of course, Denver decided to celebrate by having a heat wave and lots of wildfires. So I've been running our evaporative cooler in the morning and then closing the house up tight to keep all the cool air in. Will and I want the cooler weather back so he can golf while I drape myself across chairs on the back porch.

37 week checkup tomorrow - I'm a little apprehensive that I'm going to go in and they'll say TODAY IS THE DAY! If you aren't familiar with Will's birth story, that happened the first time I met this doctor. Poor Ben. I called him from the elevator in the hospital and told him we were having a baby that day.

Ah well. We're feeling pretty good. Lots of little clothes and blankets are folded up and ready to go, the nursery is pretty much set up, I've got some food in the freezer and a couple of items in the mostly unpacked hospital bag. I figure that if anything, Will taught me I can't prepare for everything. It's also nice that we live only 8 minutes from the hospital!

Speaking of Will, his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and he is always looking for a response to his observations about the world. Tonight he was determined to "Show Daddy my sssss-cab!" and he always wants me to "come see" when he "hits [the golf ball] in the hole!" His favorite books this week are anything with Fwankalin (Franklin the Turtle), "Come Play With Me" (an old book from my childhood with little baby rhymes), and "A Day at the Pond" (a Little Monster book). Will loves to color with markers right now, although usually it's more like "Mama come color" and he tells you what to color. He also amazes me with the places he recognizes - Daddy's work, the Special Bread place (our favorite bakery), the store, the post office, the coffee shop (ahem), the library....At least they're all good places!

Some naptime struggles this week - it seems like he's trying to transition out of a midday nap. Mean Mama makes him rest or read in his crib for at least an hour every day.

More updates as events warrant!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

35 weeks and all is well.

Nothing much to report. I look like I have a beach ball taped to my stomach. Will is concerned about the lack of room in Mama's lap! This baby is VERY active - Will used to stay in place and pedal his feet against my stomach wall. This baby is all over the map in terms of moving around. I'm feeling good, just big and tired.

We have our ultrasound on Monday to determine where the baby is. We're hoping that we don't get surprised by a breech baby this time, but if we do, the doc is open to using some turning techniques to get baby where he or she is supposed to be! And no - we still don't know what we're having. Here's hoping our old country dr doesn't spoil it by accident on Monday. I'm resigned that if it happens, it happens. And if it does, well, then, I'll be able to buy some fun stuff for baby to come home in. Older people who find out that we're being surprised seem to think it's awesome. People our age seem pretty surprised that we haven't found out. EVERYONE likes to weigh in on what they think I'm having based on how I'm carrying, what I've craved, etc. We'll see! Whenever we ask Will if it's a girl baby or a boy baby in Mama's tummy, he goes back and forth between the two, but he always says, "Find out in few weeks!"

Funny Will moments as of late: - We had friends and family over this weekend, and Will asked people to draw shapes on the sidewalk with the chalk. His requests ranged from squares, rectangles, and circles, to the more interesting trapezoids, hexagons, and octagons.

- Will likes to sing the ABCs nice and loud when he feels he isn't getting enough attention (or when he's trying to fight going to sleep). He also likes to sing numbers 1-10.

- His favorite things right now are wipe-off tracing books with numbers, letters, and shapes. Thank goodness Crayola makes dry-erase crayons. He also loves golf and baseball - he'd stay in the backyard all day to hit balls. Another favorite is "I Spy" books - where you have to find hidden objects.

- There is constant observation and narration going on in this house. He will go and get out a book and narrate it to himself, including telling himself, "Good reading!" and "Good job, you found it!" and "Oh look, here's another one!"

- Last night he was singing ABCs for attention from his adoring fans, so I started to sing with him, and he stopped and said, "NO MAMA SING!" then continued right on with his performance.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In which I start to think.

"LeFou, I'm afraid I've been thinking."
"A dangerous pastime..."
"I know."

Anytime I start thinking, that little song snippet pops into my head (Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", if you were wondering). I hit 33 weeks of pregnancy on Monday. That means less than 9 weeks till we meet our little one. Will decided to hang out in utero for 42 weeks, so I'm not getting any hopes up about having this baby early!

I sat across the table from Will today as he ate his lunch and I marveled at how big he is. How much he says. How he thinks. How he expresses himself (5 minutes later, it was in a tantrum about napping). I love to watch and listen as he makes observations about the world. Maybe it's a harkening back to my days of teaching, but seeing him make connections and solve problems is AWESOME.

But there is a flip side to that. He's definitely been testing us more and it takes time/energy/brainpower to stay on top of that. But I think one of the hardest things for me to realize is that he's growing up.

Moms of older kids might be poo-pooing that statement. "Growing up?" they might chuckle, "Why, you've hardly begun!" But I looked today at pictures of Will when he was just born - the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen (and I have the Facebook comments on his picture to prove that I'm not just a biased mom) - and I think about how that wiggly kid now walks, talks, and sings his ABCs....

So all that to say that I've been trying to treasure moments with Will whenever I can. Moments like rocking him to sleep for naps and nighttime. Moments like when he says, "Sit by my mama," when it's time to read a book. Moments when he tugs me away from washing dishes to come color (okay, I wasn't that committed to doing the dishes). Even those moments where I have to chase him and he goes limp so that it's like trying to pick up a piece of soap. Even those moments when he gets upset because he doesn't get his way. Or when I work hard to clean the house, turn around, and see a sea of toddler-caused chaos in the areas I just cleaned. These are moments I want to savor, believe it or not, because right now it's just me and my boy.

Don't get me wrong. I'll be excited when this new one comes along. I am about to go nuts trying to guess the gender! I know that we'll love this new baby and that we'll all get along. But right now is the calm before the storm, and I'm going to hold my little boy close while I can.

Speaking of holding him close, I was rocking him to sleep today for a nap. He fights SO hard when it's time to go to sleep. Today's method of sleep-fighting was saying his memory verse over and over - "Chwildwen, obey yer pawents. In the Lowd. Fow this is WIGHT." I refrained from saying that obedience would involve quiet and sleep. He got there eventually :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let's try this again...

I've been completely remiss in my blogging duties. I haven't posted in almost a year. A year! So much happens in a year, especially when you have a little one in the house. As I start trying to rely less on Facebook to accomplish my duties as family recorder, I hope to pick this blogging business back up again. Here's a little update. We are currently expecting Baby #2, due at the end of June/first part of July. Will was 2 weeks late, but I'm thinking the extra work of running after a toddler might bring this one a little earlier. We chose not to find out the gender and I had to confess to Ben the other day that it was indeed driving me nuts not to know. Of course, I'm seeing all sorts of awesome gender-specific clothing at garage sales this summer. Ah well - I hope that the excitement of finding out the gender will be good motivation in the delivery room! Will just turned 2 years old (and he will definitely tell you that if you ask him - just don't ask him how old Mama and Daddy are) and he is a joy and a challenge! We love watching him learn about the world around him and hearing all the different observations he has about his surroundings. With all these new explorations comes new testing of limits and pushing of boundaries, so Mama and Daddy have to be ready to respond at a moment's notice to guide and direct. He loves to play golf, basketball, and baseball and enjoys watching those sports both live and on TV. Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder (to some extent), and coloring are his current interests - it seems as though Blue's Clues is waning but definitely still popular. Will loves to do puzzles, he knows his ABCs and numbers 1-20 (well, he skips a few numbers in the middle), and can identify all capital letters and most lowercase letters. We'll be in a store and he'll start spelling out words, so Ben and I are thinking that we won't be able to spell words around him too much longer. Will likes to eat anything and everything - and we've fed him some interesting stuff: curry, salsa, a rattlesnake-pheasant hot dog (it is Denver, after all), and all kinds of fruits. Right now we have to be careful about mentioning the words pancake, pie, cookie, or cake. He takes it as an immediate invitation to ask for those things - even if the word is just in a book we're reading! (Note to self: Hide the "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" book...) Ben is still enjoying his job. I've stopped teaching to be a full-time homemaker, and I love it. We are so blessed that I'm able to stay home with Will and be his full-time caregiver/teacher/playmate. Well, that's today's update. Hopefully it won't be another year.

Friday, June 22, 2012

More Milestones!

I guess I should try to update this more than every couple of months. We've been busy busy busy - going to Rockies games, getting Uncle Adam and Aunt Megan ready for their move to Tampa (and being a little jealous of all the fun people they'll get to be with), and running after a quick-moving little boy-o.

Here are Will's updates:

1. He talks ALL THE TIME. Words include ball, Mama, Dada, star (tar! tar!), down, Elmo, Blue (it sounds more like boo-eh with lips buzzing together), milk (signed), up (signed), please (signed and spoken), car, chalk (sidewalk chalk), slide (sigh, sigh).

2. He's starting to stand by himself more and more - I have a feeling walking is coming soon. I'm in no huge hurry for that.

3. He loves to throw anything and everything. Favorite thing to do with the chalk on our front porch (besides draw with it and eat it) is to chuck it into the yard and then ask mama or dada to go get it.

4. He finally mastered going up the stairs in our house - they're a little steeper and narrower than most stairs, so he needed some more confidence before he tackled those.

5. We bought a little toddler car and a littler toddler jungle gym with a slide on it - they have been big hits! He loves to go down the slide but is still learning just how to do it himself. No trouble with the jungle gym part - he's all over that thing. I think it may help him as he's learning to walk.

6. He loves to play in the water. I keep meaning to get him one of those plastic wading pools but haven't seen a good sale yet. If it keeps being 100 degrees here in the Mile High City, we may not wait for a sale.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1 year plus

Well, it's hard to believe that this time a year ago we were worried about Will's weight loss. Not really a problem anymore.

He's 1 year old (plus a week or 2)! When we went for his one year well check-up, the doctor mentioned that this next year was going to be a fun time because of how much he'll be learning and growing. We've already seen evidence of that! Here are some of the big milestones:

1. Will signs "please", "more", "all done/finished", and today just started signing "drink". The next sign I am going to teach him is "help" :)

2. Will loves to help with the dishwasher. As soon as he hears me open it and start taking dishes out, he makes a beeline for the kitchen. I let him take out all the flatware - he stands there and hands me each item. It takes a little longer, but I am glad to start teaching him to help with chores. A year from now, he'll be doing everything while I sit back and eat bonbons. Right?

3. He loves sports equipment. If he sees anything that is remotely round/globular he gets super excited and says, "BALL! BALL!"

4. He likes his morning coffee. Just kidding. Sort of. I was out of prunes the other day and he needed a little help, so I let him have a sip of my morning iced latte. Did the trick!

5. He thinks all food is called "chzz."

And one of the most important milestones - he's learning how to sleep through the night! I'm trying to adjust to this myself - I almost feel like I'm getting too MUCH sleep.

We had a little get-together with friends and family last Saturday for his birthday. Our house was full of kids and adults chowing down on burgers & brats as well as a baseball-shaped cake ("BALL! BALL!"). Will got some great presents (thanks, friends/family!) which Mommy promptly confiscated for distribution throughout the year (mwahahaha). Unfortunately, he did some giving of his own. We were sick with the stomach flu earlier in the week and thought we were in the clear. All but 3 people came down with it after the party - after which we all decided it was either some sort of mutant germ or a biological warfare agent. It was ugly - and we felt terrible for spreading it! I guess that's another parenting milestone - sharing germs. :/ Pictures to follow soon of our fun day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's been a busy year!

Will has been growing by leaps and bounds - although instead of gaining sheer bulk like he did in his first 8 months of life, these last 3 months have been all about all the new things he can do!

Here's a sampler of our almost 11-month-old boy's doings:

1. Loves to play hide and seek - especially when Mama "hides" on the floor and pretends to snore. He crawls over as fast as he can and shrieks to wake me up!

2. He is pulling up on EVERYTHING. If it is taller than him, he's pulling up on it. If it's 6 inches off the ground, he's trying to crawl on top of it. So far he's managed to crawl on top of the open dishwasher door and a dog bed.

3. He loves books. They are his favorite toys at the moment - he loves to pull board books out and sit up and "read" them - he's getting really good at turning pages and sometimes he'll just chatter away as if he's reading it out loud.

4. He's eating solids! We never really did the whole pureed baby food thing, just broke up chunks of whatever we were eating and put it in front of him. He's had some interesting meals - chicken curry, spicy chicken soup, BBQ pork...he's a great eater. I just started letting him have cheese and he is a big fan. Some other favorites include black beans, avocados, rice cereal puffs, rice crackers, carrots, sweet potato fries, and of course, anything from ParkBurger or Chick-Fil-A. He even ate some gnocchi the other night. Woohoo! He'll try pretty much anything, but he HATES bananas.

5. He's babbling a lot. He says Mama, Dada, "bih buh" when you ask him if he's a big boy, and "buh buh" for bye bye (he learned that from our amazing Elmo iPhone app.) He waves hi and bye.

6. He will point to his nose and then if you ask him where Dada's nose or Mama's nose is, he pointa to that.

7. He crawls like crazy - gone are the days when I can leave him in one room and find him there upon my return.

8. He loves to help with laundry or any task that involves taking things out or putting things in baskets.

9. He hates socks. If I put them on him and we go anywhere, one or both socks are off by the time we get there.

10. He loves to Skype - especially if you pop your mouth at him. It's one of his favorite tricks.

Now we're working on his sleep training to make sure he's getting enough sleep for his growing brain! (And for mommy's sanity, she wrote honestly).

We are getting super excited about having a birthday get-together for him soon! Trying to decide if I want to have a "real" party or just have friends/family over - that's what we did when I was a kid and I think more low-key celebrations can be a very good thing...except I might have to have some fun with the cake :)