Friday, June 22, 2012

More Milestones!

I guess I should try to update this more than every couple of months. We've been busy busy busy - going to Rockies games, getting Uncle Adam and Aunt Megan ready for their move to Tampa (and being a little jealous of all the fun people they'll get to be with), and running after a quick-moving little boy-o.

Here are Will's updates:

1. He talks ALL THE TIME. Words include ball, Mama, Dada, star (tar! tar!), down, Elmo, Blue (it sounds more like boo-eh with lips buzzing together), milk (signed), up (signed), please (signed and spoken), car, chalk (sidewalk chalk), slide (sigh, sigh).

2. He's starting to stand by himself more and more - I have a feeling walking is coming soon. I'm in no huge hurry for that.

3. He loves to throw anything and everything. Favorite thing to do with the chalk on our front porch (besides draw with it and eat it) is to chuck it into the yard and then ask mama or dada to go get it.

4. He finally mastered going up the stairs in our house - they're a little steeper and narrower than most stairs, so he needed some more confidence before he tackled those.

5. We bought a little toddler car and a littler toddler jungle gym with a slide on it - they have been big hits! He loves to go down the slide but is still learning just how to do it himself. No trouble with the jungle gym part - he's all over that thing. I think it may help him as he's learning to walk.

6. He loves to play in the water. I keep meaning to get him one of those plastic wading pools but haven't seen a good sale yet. If it keeps being 100 degrees here in the Mile High City, we may not wait for a sale.