Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He's a Pretty Fly Baby...

Had to share these pictures from our Boston trip - Will decided on the return trip that yes, indeed, he did like flying and he wanted to look out the window, thank you very much.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New skills.

We took Will to the Air Force game a week or so ago (Thanks Jonathan and Ashley!). He liked the football, he liked the skydivers that parachuted onto the football field (they're supposed to land right on the 50-yard line, so we were able to give some scathing critiques...), but he did NOT like the jets doing the flyover. He was a very sad baby - this also had to do with the fact that he did NOT take his nap and he hadn't eaten for a while (we were busy looking for a place to nurse). At every sporting event we've been to (soccer, baseball at 2 different parks) I've been able to grab a quiet corner to nurse and the stadium staff have been very helpful. At the Air Force game, I ended up walking around, back and forth as people directed me different ways. Finally I just went to the first aid tent and snagged a chair. So now you know, if you're ever at an Air Force game and you need to feed your babe....

This was how Will looked by halftime at the game. We decided to leave.

Will is learning several new skills - Ben went in to check on him this morning and he'd managed to get both arms out of his swaddle wrap (yes, we still swaddle) and had turned on his side by hanging on to the sides of the crib...and was sound asleep. I guess he's a side sleeper like Mama.

Will also likes to hang on to Parker's tail when we're sitting on the couch. Parker gets major props for being super gentle with Will - we're always right nearby just in case...Will grabbed his tail and twisted the other day and Parker just leaned over and nibbled Will's sock to say "No thanks."

We're getting a constant stream of baby babble, shrieks (that word does NOT look right when you write it out), and squeals. He's definitely ready to communicate - and it looks like he's getting ready to think about crawling too. No teeth yet...I need to start figuring out how long I'm going to hold off giving him solids. I gave him a bite of cooked carrot a couple of days ago and he was NOT impressed.

So I leave you with one of my favorite shots from his 6 month photo shoot (the one that I waited until 9 PM to try...so it wasn't fancy and it didn't last long!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

6 months - really?

On Saturday, Ben, Will and I went to Harvest Day. Harvest Day is a Colorado tradition started by Ben's parents in 1988 - it's held at someone's house out in the country, there's a chili cookoff and tons of goodies/desserts, hot apple cider, football, baseball, etc. etc. It was supposed to be last weekend, but we were deterred by the snow. This weekend, however, it was a balmy 80 degrees (at least until the sun went down) and so we went forth to party. Of course, we thought it was appropriate that Harvest Day was celebrated on the same day as Will's 6 month birthday! We got to celebrate Peter's 1 year birthday the day before. Will got nice and tuckered out, but woke up enough to have a quick photo shoot with Mom. We really need to get a camera that's not the iPhone camera. Here's a 6 month picture for you! Photobucket I still need to post the rest of our Boston pictures...we've been super busy!