Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fat Willy Does Beantown

Well, I've been very remiss in posting both here and on Facebook - Fat Willy's fans are outraged. Here's a good long update with lots of pictures! We left Denver on Friday afternoon. Thankfully Southwest had a direct flight to Boston Logan, so we didn't have to worry about any layovers. Will was a champ on the flight - at least until the last 20 minutes. The descent really messed with him. I've always had trouble with my ears during descent and I think he inherited it from me. :( I wish we had taken a picture of ridiculous amount of luggage we had. I'm ashamed. It was our first trip with Will and we had the Pack 'n' Play, a carseat, a stroller, a suitcase of Will's stuff, our suitcase, a diaper bag, and two carryons. For 2 people who consider themselves light was pretty impressive. Thank you to the people who left the Smart Carts out so we didn't have to pay to tote our junk. We picked up the rental car and hooked up our GPS. After driving around some pretty sketchy industrial areas, we realized we had "no toll roads" set on the GPS. Will was nice enough to entertain us by blowing raspberries in his carseat while I looked out for muggers. We got to the Hayes' house and crashed for a few hours. Sister Hannah arrived the next day and we headed out for the coast! We ended up in a little touristy town right on the water.
This was the view from Helmut's strudel bakery - we noshed on cherry strudel to the sound of ocean waves.
Will used time in the car to learn how to drink from my Camelbak. I think he's better at it than I am.
Time in the hotel was spent practicing grabbing feet
I was impressed that we only made 2 cannoli runs. Will's new favorite word is cannoli!
While Ben was in class, Will and I walked around places like the Boston Public Library
Will and me at Orchard House, Louisa May Alcott's home
Okay, I have to tell the story behind the Louisa May Alcott house. Hannah and I were going to go on the tour - I'd already made an amazing diaper change balancing Will on my knees and the (covered) toilet in their tiny restroom. Will got fussy during the first part of the tour - a video in Amy's art studio. So I left the room and was trying to figure out what to do. He'd just woken up a few minutes ago - I'd tried to nurse him right after he woke up but he wasn't interested. Of course, NOW he was interested *grumblegrumble*. The staff at Orchard House were very kind - they offered us a private tour and whisked us up to Louisa's bedroom - where they offered me a chair and let me nurse in there! Of course, Will had to take advantage of it and filled his diaper COMPLETELY. Luckily I had a changing pad with me so not only did I get to feed him there, he got changed on Louisa's carpet.
Will had some quality auntie time with Hannah at a pizza joint near Harvard
He is a pumpkin all right - I am not sure he's the littlest one...
Finish line for the Boston marathon. There's also a hare statue, but I identified more with the turtle.
Make Way for Ducklings (the statue!) in Boston Public Gardens
Family picture at Fenway. Will's mad because people seem to keep cheering for the Red Sox.
Incidentally, we saw the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Red Sox...little did we know what an important game that would be! Okay - I'll have to do another post with pictures. This one's getting too long and it's getting too late!