Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Giveaways Galore.

I have to admit something. I have a small obsession these days. I blame this on Megan, who first introduced me to the idea.

That's right - I'm slightly obsessed with cloth diapering. It's partly the money I can save (more than I thought), partly how cute they are (prints! a big fluffy bum on a pudgy baby!), and partly because there's a very supportive community who tends to fuel obsessions. Don't worry - I won't try to make you a convert unless you ask me about it.

Ah well. And so, in order to get entries into contests to win free cloth diapers, I blog about it. Thirsties is having their Thursday giveaway - I'm hoping I can win a little something. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Notes from Naptime

Well. It's been a week of getting down to business. When I was going to school to learn about education (irony?), over and over they emphasized the importance of routines. Routines for giving a bathroom pass. Routines for how you structure your lesson plans. Routines for how and when students can or can't do pretty much everything under the sun.

My first year of teaching was a little hectic. I'd never done student teaching, but all of a sudden I was plopped into a class of apathetic juniors who had already gone through 1 teacher, 3 substitutes, and 1 replacement teacher who they promptly terrified and sent on her way. Needless to say, I was quaking in my shoes the first day. I tried implementing some routines and some of them stuck, others went by the wayside. Teaching that class was a good lesson in learning how strict to be (very - in the beginning), how to adapt when an idea flops, and PERSISTENCE. There were a few kids I had to wear down with my beautiful charm and stinging sarcasm (Note: They also tell you not to use sarcasm when working with children. Apparently these people have never taught in a high school, because let me tell you, sarcasm was the only thing that kept those kids in line at times - a well-delivered zinger can gain you some serious street cred). For instance, that one day when the kid tried to bring a 2 foot long dead fish into my classroom. Or the day the seniors dumped tons of live crickets in the hallway and they started jumping into the classroom.

One of my favorite stories is this one: It was prom season, and I had one of the class clown football players in my Lit class. After I made a few announcements regarding prom, J piped up and asked, "Mrs. G, can I take you to prom?" I declined on the grounds that Mr. G was my all-time date. John, glancing around to make sure that everyone was listening, announced, "Oh yeah? Well, I'll kick his ---." It was my golden opportunity. I looked him straight in the eye and replied, "Oh, well, we don't have a donkey. But you now have a detention." That got me some major points in that class.

All that to say that this week, we've been trying to put Will on a routine in regards to naps and bedtime. We were just letting him wear himself out until he was too tired to put himself to sleep. Now I make him stay up for twoish hours after he wakes up (unless he is just unbelievably worn out) and then we go change the diaper, swaddle, rock for a few, then tuck him in to his big boy bed. A baby monitor and a white noise maker are beautiful things that no mommy should be without.

Now the thing I need to learn is how to make myself use all this glorious naptime to my advantage! I guess that means it's time to get off the computer and go change out of my pajamas. It is, after all, past noon. Au revoir.

And one for the fans.