Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Not Easy, Being Green.

Tomorrow is Father's Day - Ben's first! We're having lunch with the Greiving clan tomorrow, so I decided to whip up one of Ben's favorites for dinner tonight. This recipe is from my time working at an Italian Bakery (possible mafia connections - mess this recipe up and you might sleep with the fishes). Ironically enough, the recipe is for Mexican green chili. I figured it was time to transfer the recipe from the crumpled blue post-it note. :)

butter or bacon grease
1 qt bag frozen green chilis, thawed (found in the ethnic section of your grocer's freezer)
4 Roma tomatoes, chopped
2 onions, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
6 tomatillos, pureed
1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped
1 tsp cumin
2 serrano peppers, deseeded & chopped
1 box organic chicken stock
lime juice

Optional (to make a roux for thickening):
4 tbs butter

1. In a heavy pot, melt butter or bacon grease. Once the pan is nice & hot, throw in your onions and garlic. Let 'em soften up and get to know each other.
2. Once garlic/onions are soft & fragrant, throw in the serranos, tomatoes, tomatillo puree, green chilis, and chicken stock. Bring to boil, then reduce to simmer.
3. While it's coming to a boil, add the cumin and some salt/pepper to taste. Keep tasting along the way!
4. Once it's simmering, add the chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice.
5. Continue seasoning to taste. Simmer about 15 minutes to bring the flavors together and then enjoy!
(Note: If you want to use the roux, just melt the butter in a small saucepan and sprinkle flour over it. Cook & stir till it turns a nice toasty brown, then whisk it into the green chili)

1. Serve over fried eggs, add cheese or sour cream.
2. Eat it by itself!
3. If you have some leftover pork or chicken, throw that in.
4. Use this in place of salsa, enchilada sauce, etc.
5. Smother a black bean burrito.

For dessert tonight, we had some leftover cinnamon chip scones and a dab of ice cream from our favorite ice cream joint, Sweet Action. Ben split a scone, toasted it, and served it with the ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon. It was a good food night! :)

Here's to Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Months!

It's hard to believe it's been 2 whole months of playing Mom. In some ways, like in the laundry/diaper department, it seems like it's been forever. In other ways, I feel like it's not possible that Will has almost doubled in size! He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces when he was born, then went down to 6 pounds, 13 ounces (scaring his poor mama half to death), and now at the 2 month mark he weighs a hefty 12 pounds, 6 ounces.

Here's a snapshot of our handsome little man.

I told Ben that maybe it's a good thing I had a C-section since Will is in the 80th percentile for head circumference...

Just in the past few days, Will has learned how to grab on to things, have a conversation (that consists mostly of "uhhhGOO" and squeaks/squawks...but he knows how to take turns!), and really start holding his head up. On a slightly less desirable note, he also likes to eat ferociously and then scream when he has to take a break to burp. Apparently he eats fast like his daddy - and loves food like both mom and dad!

My recovery is still going well. One thing that I'm having to learn is that if you gain 45-50 pounds during your pregnancy (yes, it's true, and my midwives/doctors were fine with it) doesn't magically go away once you have the baby! So I'm getting good exercise and trying to eat well. At the same time, I'm not going to kill myself trying to get weight off and miss my good times with Will. So here's to 20 pounds to my goal weight - hey, I've already lost 25! That's pretty good! I'm going to go celebrate with one of the cookies I'm baking for our new neighbors (this is how we *GOT* to a 45 lb weight gain...)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mama Said There'll Be Days Like This...


I really need to stop saying "Will doesn't do that..." or "I'm glad that hasn't happened to us."

You would think that I would have learned not to say this after talking up how we were going to have a natural childbirth. I had a newscaster frowny-face whenever I heard about someone having a c-section - you know, the face where you're sad & sympathetic on the outside but on the inside part of you is thinking "Phew. Not going to be my problem."

Result? C-section.

I read Megan's blog about how Mia was hating on naptime and thought, "Whew. Will's a good sleeper."

WA-BAM. Sleep strike.

I read Kristen's twitters about how Rylann wasn't being a good eater. Fat Willy had resolved all his nursing issues.

SHA-ZAM. Nursing issues. Crying. Screaming. Mommy feeling like she couldn't do anything to help aforementioned Fat Willy.

I yield! I'd like to say I'll never brag about Will again...but I'm sure I will. I'm also sure I'll send up silent thanks that Will isn't like that child. Then I will be humbled. And promptly. Kids are great for keeping your ego in check.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 on my side.

Well, I don't know if time is really on my side or not. I am amazed at how even though I don't seem to do much during the day besides feed the boy, change his diapers, change his clothes, etc....time seems to fly by. Before I know it, I look up and it's time for Ben to come home from work (and the laundry isn't done, the dinner isn't prepped...yikes!)

We're gradually getting into a schedule around here - a couple of hiccups here and there. Will likes to throw curve balls at me just when I think I've got things figured out.

Speaking of Will, he's started smiling and laughing all the time. Unless something is terribly wrong in his world, he's a pretty happy little baby. He's learning how to talk on the phone to his Abi and Paw-Paw (my mom and dad) and we've even called our No-Grandma-Name-Yet a couple of times since she's still in Florida. :) It's so fun to share him with other people who get so excited about him. I mean, I know he's handsome and adorable and all those other things, but it's always nice to have confirmation from someone else.

Will has decided to eschew most "baby" music in favor of The Who. His favorite songs are "Boris the Spider" and "Who Are You?" - we think he likes the second one because whenever they sing "Whoooooo are you...who who, who who!" those are his favorite sounds to make.

He's sleeping in his swing next to me as I write this. He's a good sleeper - usually goes to bed around 830-900 and then wakes up again around 10 to eat, then back to bed until around 3-4 AM, then up again around 7-8. I'll take it!

We've been taking walks to the library and around the neighborhood - thank goodness for my Ergo baby carrier and my jogging stroller. Our neighborhood is very pedestrian friendly and there are lots of interesting spots within a relatively short distance. I took him to the library yesterday and all the kids were there for storytime - I'll be excited to take him there when he's a little older.

Well kids, it's spring/summer, the roses in my yard are blooming, the birds are chirping, Mugsy the squirrel is chillin' in his nest by my kitchen window...and I've got a grocery list to make. PEACE.