Monday, February 14, 2011

Recovering from Vacation.

We are back in Colorado after a brief stint in sometimes-sunny Florida. I flew to Atlanta and spent some time with my parents and la familia loca - I mean, la familia Hall - and then the parental units graciously drove me to Tampa to meet up with Husband and his family.

Traveling wasn't too bad, although I informed Ben that 32ish weeks is as late as I'll ever want to travel via plane - especially on a longer flight like Tampa-Denver. It was a busy trip because of the timing. Florida College Lectures are super hectic because of the sheer amount of people to see. Looking back, I'm not sure why exactly we picked this week. We did get to see several friends we might not have seen there otherwise, but good GRIEF - trying to make plans with ALL the people that are there is just sheer craziness.

- Visits with our good family/friends Mark & Jenn and their girls Loren and Maddie (meeting Maddie for the first time!)
- Assorted coffee dates with friends and former professors
- Dinner with Megan, G-unit, and Lil' Mia. Go eat at their house. Megan serves a mean fish.
- Dinner and Disney fireworks with Sean, who will be in Colorado in the next few weeks to shoot some more of his film work.
- A family & friends baby shower on Sunday afternoon that ended up being a much bigger surprise than I thought!
- Spending time with Ben's Grandma & Grandpa
- Getting stuck next to a crooning Hispanic guy on the plane to Atlanta. Kept me chuckling (quietly) the entire way.
- and I'm sure there are many more things to tell, but it's been one of those vacations where you have to hit the ground running to catch up when you get home. So here I go!

Today we have our first childbirth class. Hopefully we survive any awkwardness.