Friday, December 30, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas with the Greiving family up in Estes Park, CO. A friend of ours has an aunt who owns a cabin up there and we were all able to squeeze in for the weekend. We consumed tons of donuts from Donut Haus (our favorite!), played many games of Nertz, picture telephone, & Bananagrams, ate TONS of good food (the running joke from the weekend: "This vacation would be perfect if only we had some food"), made fun of the boys for their obsessive playing of Jetpack on the iPad, and had an absolutely wonderful time.

Now we're back at home and getting ready to MOVE again! Our lease was up for renewal and we decided to try and find something with a bit more space and a bit more modern. We found a place with double the square footage that was actually built in the last century (our current house was built in 1891 and the new place was built in 1925!). I can't wait to share photos of the new place, but in the meantime, you'll have to settle for pics from our Christmas.

Hanging out with GrandDa in Estes Park

Will shows off his Christmas pajamas

Will tries to play Jetpack on Uncle Adam's iPad

Snuggling with Uncle Tim

Hanging out with Aunts Ali, Libba, & Meg

And these last two of Will and his cousin Peter chilling in the recliner - I love this! We're so blessed that Peter lives close by and that he and Will have the chance to hang out.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oh good grief. I click over to my little blog and realize I haven't updated since October. OCTOBER?! How is that even possible? So much has happened since then! Let me update. With pictures.
Here's my little Michelin Man in the bath in early November

November: We went to Atlanta to visit my parents and see the family. Forgive me - this is a picture heavy blog!

Will got to sleep in my old crib in my old room

Will meets Grandaddy

Will meets Nene - his biggest fan! (besides Mommy)

Will meets more of his fan club. They doted on him the whole time!

Will got to pull on Uncle Barry's Absalom hair

Paw-Paw and Will became good buddies - they hadn't seen each other since Will was a few weeks old!

Will hugging Abi after our improvised 5K

4 generations

family picture

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He's a Pretty Fly Baby...

Had to share these pictures from our Boston trip - Will decided on the return trip that yes, indeed, he did like flying and he wanted to look out the window, thank you very much.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New skills.

We took Will to the Air Force game a week or so ago (Thanks Jonathan and Ashley!). He liked the football, he liked the skydivers that parachuted onto the football field (they're supposed to land right on the 50-yard line, so we were able to give some scathing critiques...), but he did NOT like the jets doing the flyover. He was a very sad baby - this also had to do with the fact that he did NOT take his nap and he hadn't eaten for a while (we were busy looking for a place to nurse). At every sporting event we've been to (soccer, baseball at 2 different parks) I've been able to grab a quiet corner to nurse and the stadium staff have been very helpful. At the Air Force game, I ended up walking around, back and forth as people directed me different ways. Finally I just went to the first aid tent and snagged a chair. So now you know, if you're ever at an Air Force game and you need to feed your babe....

This was how Will looked by halftime at the game. We decided to leave.

Will is learning several new skills - Ben went in to check on him this morning and he'd managed to get both arms out of his swaddle wrap (yes, we still swaddle) and had turned on his side by hanging on to the sides of the crib...and was sound asleep. I guess he's a side sleeper like Mama.

Will also likes to hang on to Parker's tail when we're sitting on the couch. Parker gets major props for being super gentle with Will - we're always right nearby just in case...Will grabbed his tail and twisted the other day and Parker just leaned over and nibbled Will's sock to say "No thanks."

We're getting a constant stream of baby babble, shrieks (that word does NOT look right when you write it out), and squeals. He's definitely ready to communicate - and it looks like he's getting ready to think about crawling too. No teeth yet...I need to start figuring out how long I'm going to hold off giving him solids. I gave him a bite of cooked carrot a couple of days ago and he was NOT impressed.

So I leave you with one of my favorite shots from his 6 month photo shoot (the one that I waited until 9 PM to it wasn't fancy and it didn't last long!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

6 months - really?

On Saturday, Ben, Will and I went to Harvest Day. Harvest Day is a Colorado tradition started by Ben's parents in 1988 - it's held at someone's house out in the country, there's a chili cookoff and tons of goodies/desserts, hot apple cider, football, baseball, etc. etc. It was supposed to be last weekend, but we were deterred by the snow. This weekend, however, it was a balmy 80 degrees (at least until the sun went down) and so we went forth to party. Of course, we thought it was appropriate that Harvest Day was celebrated on the same day as Will's 6 month birthday! We got to celebrate Peter's 1 year birthday the day before. Will got nice and tuckered out, but woke up enough to have a quick photo shoot with Mom. We really need to get a camera that's not the iPhone camera. Here's a 6 month picture for you! Photobucket I still need to post the rest of our Boston pictures...we've been super busy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fat Willy Does Beantown

Well, I've been very remiss in posting both here and on Facebook - Fat Willy's fans are outraged. Here's a good long update with lots of pictures! We left Denver on Friday afternoon. Thankfully Southwest had a direct flight to Boston Logan, so we didn't have to worry about any layovers. Will was a champ on the flight - at least until the last 20 minutes. The descent really messed with him. I've always had trouble with my ears during descent and I think he inherited it from me. :( I wish we had taken a picture of ridiculous amount of luggage we had. I'm ashamed. It was our first trip with Will and we had the Pack 'n' Play, a carseat, a stroller, a suitcase of Will's stuff, our suitcase, a diaper bag, and two carryons. For 2 people who consider themselves light was pretty impressive. Thank you to the people who left the Smart Carts out so we didn't have to pay to tote our junk. We picked up the rental car and hooked up our GPS. After driving around some pretty sketchy industrial areas, we realized we had "no toll roads" set on the GPS. Will was nice enough to entertain us by blowing raspberries in his carseat while I looked out for muggers. We got to the Hayes' house and crashed for a few hours. Sister Hannah arrived the next day and we headed out for the coast! We ended up in a little touristy town right on the water.
This was the view from Helmut's strudel bakery - we noshed on cherry strudel to the sound of ocean waves.
Will used time in the car to learn how to drink from my Camelbak. I think he's better at it than I am.
Time in the hotel was spent practicing grabbing feet
I was impressed that we only made 2 cannoli runs. Will's new favorite word is cannoli!
While Ben was in class, Will and I walked around places like the Boston Public Library
Will and me at Orchard House, Louisa May Alcott's home
Okay, I have to tell the story behind the Louisa May Alcott house. Hannah and I were going to go on the tour - I'd already made an amazing diaper change balancing Will on my knees and the (covered) toilet in their tiny restroom. Will got fussy during the first part of the tour - a video in Amy's art studio. So I left the room and was trying to figure out what to do. He'd just woken up a few minutes ago - I'd tried to nurse him right after he woke up but he wasn't interested. Of course, NOW he was interested *grumblegrumble*. The staff at Orchard House were very kind - they offered us a private tour and whisked us up to Louisa's bedroom - where they offered me a chair and let me nurse in there! Of course, Will had to take advantage of it and filled his diaper COMPLETELY. Luckily I had a changing pad with me so not only did I get to feed him there, he got changed on Louisa's carpet.
Will had some quality auntie time with Hannah at a pizza joint near Harvard
He is a pumpkin all right - I am not sure he's the littlest one...
Finish line for the Boston marathon. There's also a hare statue, but I identified more with the turtle.
Make Way for Ducklings (the statue!) in Boston Public Gardens
Family picture at Fenway. Will's mad because people seem to keep cheering for the Red Sox.
Incidentally, we saw the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Red Sox...little did we know what an important game that would be! Okay - I'll have to do another post with pictures. This one's getting too long and it's getting too late!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lord Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise...

Well, we had a busy week/weekend! Will got to go to the principal's office for the first time on Friday (and they were thrilled to see him). We also got to go to some friends' house for dinner. I also had a big project this weekend - something I've been thinking about for a while. Ben went to a fantasy football draft on Saturday so I sat down and worked on this. I think it turned out pretty well.

The mobile...not the cross-stitch in the background

Will's big update for this week is... his Abi is coming! (we hope - hence the title of the post) Abi is my mom's grandmother name, short for abuela. Will and I have been talking to Abi on the phone and I've been showing him her picture, so hopefully he'll do well with her when she comes. :)

Abi! Come visit me!

Today in the cleaning/household/mom world, I'm going to be doing the following:
1. Fly Lady Home Blessing Hour - with a few modifications. I sweep instead of vacuum.
2. Work out - my video game trainer scolded me the other day for my sporadic workout attendance. Yikes.
3. Bible Study - a little behind on my book and we have our wrap-up discussion/party tomorrow before I pick Mom/Abi up from the airport.
4. Library run - for books for me and Ben!
5. Back-To-School Dinner for teachers - even though I'm not teaching till spring semester (and only one class), I'm not passing up a free dinner. Plus all my teacher pals and administration need to see Will :)

That doesn't sound like a lot - but these things have a way of multiplying!

I also have a diaper load running this morning. Don't they look so pretty in the basket? That's the fun part of cloth diapering - all the nice colors!
The diapers are rarely this organized - usually they're in pieces and I have to go hunting while Will waits, patient and naked

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Motivation Photos.

Okay, so I need some help. My kitchen is ATROCIOUS. This is what it looks like after Ben comes home for lunch and I run around getting his meal ready - then the boy goes down for his nap and I can't clean it!!!

I can't paint, but I might be able to hang some stuff. Any ideas on how to make my kitchen a bit happier?

Coffee and tea and the java and me...

Today's project room, I'm sad to say, kitchen. This room is NOT my pride and joy - it is the scary place where dirty dishes roam about, dust bunnies have teeth, and the space under the counter has who knows what under there...

Living in a house that was built in 1891 has its perks and charms - unfortunately, none of those is a dishwasher (unless you count me). The kitchen is also right across from the nursery, which means you're one dish clanking away from waking up your slumbering son.

OKAY. Now that I've convinced myself how bad it is, I'll be that much happier when I get it all nice and clean. This might be a 2-3 day project room.

The To-Do List:
- clean stove and oven area, place foil on bottom of oven
- clean out space under the cabinet and reorganize small shelf that I've stuck in there.
- clean off Kitchenaid mixer. That thing gets flour up in its junk.
- clear out pantry jars - get rid of stuff that's old and wash jars.
- clean off counter - a good, deep clean!
- do dishes
- put away clean dishes
- wipe down cabinet fronts and baseboards
- wipe windows
- clean area by dog's water bowl
- change out coffee towel
- dust mop and regular mop the floor
- clean sink

Things to Think On:
- I need a better way to organize my bagged spices than the big basket on the 3rd shelf.
- Are there any things that I don't use that I can get rid of? That box grater, for instance. Do I still need that?
- The cabinet over the fridge and the 3rd shelf of the cabinet next to the fridge really aren't being used well at all. What can I put there to declutter my shelves/cabinets?
- What can I do with the Tupperware monsters that have taken over my bottom cabinets!?

Alrighty, that's a start! Like I said - this may be a longer project than most.

Will Update:
Yesterday Will turned 4 months old! Hard to believe it's been that longer, but also hard to believe it isn't longer. Weird. He weighs 16 pounds, 9 ounces, is 25 inches long, and had a big head (16? that doesn't sound right.) He's in the 70th percentile for weight and head circumference...he's in the 90th percentile for weight. That's my boy! Had a couple of immunizations yesterday which meant he asked to comfort nurse ALL. NIGHT. LONG. So I am using that as an excuse to eat lots of good food today :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Today my project room is the laundry room!

I'm doing the following before Will's 4 month Dr's visit at 1:15 today:
- load of cloth diaper laundry
- fold two loads of laundry
- strip the bed and the crib and wash the sheets
- wash the blankets off our bed
- put all folded laundry away
- tidy up the floor
- clear off drying rack and put away
- put all my reusable shopping bags away (in the car)
- sweep
- If I get really ambitious, I'll do the ironing. I've been putting it off because it's been so hot and who really wants to stand next to a hot steamy iron for an hour!?

If I get REALLY ambitious, I'd love to clean my washing machine.

Ben's coming home for lunch in about an hour or so, so heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work I go.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Bear Went Over the Mountain...

Today we had a fun day! Daddy woke up early early to go hiking up Mount Evans with some of the guys. Will got to come sleep with Mommy for a little while so that someone could crash on our couch.
Good morning, Mommy!

While Daddy was busy climbing a mountain, we got busy and packed lunches and then took off in the car to go drive up Mount Evans on the highest paved road in North America - which was a little sketchy at times. It is a little crazy/scary when you start going up a curve with a sheer drop off (and no guardrail!) on one side...and all you can see ahead of you is sky! It was absolutely beautiful - we picked a great day to drive up.

This is Summit Lake - right below the summit of Mount Evans. The water was crystal clear and COLD.

On our way up, we spied a visitor in the distance.
We got a little closer...
There was also a baby mountain goat that we saw - he jumped down the rocks right as we pulled up closer. They were standing on a sheer drop!

Finally we made it to the top of Mount Evans. It was crowded, but we managed to get a parking space close to the trail that led up to the summit. The guys were very happy to see us - although a little sad that we forgot to bring the Gatorade! We hiked up the summit trail and snapped a few photos.
The altitude got to Will and he fell asleep on the way up the trail

I told Ben that since I did actually hike to the top, I can claim that I climbed a 14er. I don't think he bothered responding (since he had just finished a hike that had an elevation gain of over a mile...). We did decide that Will can definitely claim that he has climbed one, and here is the proof.

Will next to the USGS summit marker for Mount Evans