Wednesday, June 12, 2013

37 weeks - full term!

We are now at the 37 week mark as of Monday, and I'm feeling rather large. Of course, Denver decided to celebrate by having a heat wave and lots of wildfires. So I've been running our evaporative cooler in the morning and then closing the house up tight to keep all the cool air in. Will and I want the cooler weather back so he can golf while I drape myself across chairs on the back porch.

37 week checkup tomorrow - I'm a little apprehensive that I'm going to go in and they'll say TODAY IS THE DAY! If you aren't familiar with Will's birth story, that happened the first time I met this doctor. Poor Ben. I called him from the elevator in the hospital and told him we were having a baby that day.

Ah well. We're feeling pretty good. Lots of little clothes and blankets are folded up and ready to go, the nursery is pretty much set up, I've got some food in the freezer and a couple of items in the mostly unpacked hospital bag. I figure that if anything, Will taught me I can't prepare for everything. It's also nice that we live only 8 minutes from the hospital!

Speaking of Will, his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and he is always looking for a response to his observations about the world. Tonight he was determined to "Show Daddy my sssss-cab!" and he always wants me to "come see" when he "hits [the golf ball] in the hole!" His favorite books this week are anything with Fwankalin (Franklin the Turtle), "Come Play With Me" (an old book from my childhood with little baby rhymes), and "A Day at the Pond" (a Little Monster book). Will loves to color with markers right now, although usually it's more like "Mama come color" and he tells you what to color. He also amazes me with the places he recognizes - Daddy's work, the Special Bread place (our favorite bakery), the store, the post office, the coffee shop (ahem), the library....At least they're all good places!

Some naptime struggles this week - it seems like he's trying to transition out of a midday nap. Mean Mama makes him rest or read in his crib for at least an hour every day.

More updates as events warrant!

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