Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let's try this again...

I've been completely remiss in my blogging duties. I haven't posted in almost a year. A year! So much happens in a year, especially when you have a little one in the house. As I start trying to rely less on Facebook to accomplish my duties as family recorder, I hope to pick this blogging business back up again. Here's a little update. We are currently expecting Baby #2, due at the end of June/first part of July. Will was 2 weeks late, but I'm thinking the extra work of running after a toddler might bring this one a little earlier. We chose not to find out the gender and I had to confess to Ben the other day that it was indeed driving me nuts not to know. Of course, I'm seeing all sorts of awesome gender-specific clothing at garage sales this summer. Ah well - I hope that the excitement of finding out the gender will be good motivation in the delivery room! Will just turned 2 years old (and he will definitely tell you that if you ask him - just don't ask him how old Mama and Daddy are) and he is a joy and a challenge! We love watching him learn about the world around him and hearing all the different observations he has about his surroundings. With all these new explorations comes new testing of limits and pushing of boundaries, so Mama and Daddy have to be ready to respond at a moment's notice to guide and direct. He loves to play golf, basketball, and baseball and enjoys watching those sports both live and on TV. Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder (to some extent), and coloring are his current interests - it seems as though Blue's Clues is waning but definitely still popular. Will loves to do puzzles, he knows his ABCs and numbers 1-20 (well, he skips a few numbers in the middle), and can identify all capital letters and most lowercase letters. We'll be in a store and he'll start spelling out words, so Ben and I are thinking that we won't be able to spell words around him too much longer. Will likes to eat anything and everything - and we've fed him some interesting stuff: curry, salsa, a rattlesnake-pheasant hot dog (it is Denver, after all), and all kinds of fruits. Right now we have to be careful about mentioning the words pancake, pie, cookie, or cake. He takes it as an immediate invitation to ask for those things - even if the word is just in a book we're reading! (Note to self: Hide the "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" book...) Ben is still enjoying his job. I've stopped teaching to be a full-time homemaker, and I love it. We are so blessed that I'm able to stay home with Will and be his full-time caregiver/teacher/playmate. Well, that's today's update. Hopefully it won't be another year.

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