Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In which I start to think.

"LeFou, I'm afraid I've been thinking."
"A dangerous pastime..."
"I know."

Anytime I start thinking, that little song snippet pops into my head (Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", if you were wondering). I hit 33 weeks of pregnancy on Monday. That means less than 9 weeks till we meet our little one. Will decided to hang out in utero for 42 weeks, so I'm not getting any hopes up about having this baby early!

I sat across the table from Will today as he ate his lunch and I marveled at how big he is. How much he says. How he thinks. How he expresses himself (5 minutes later, it was in a tantrum about napping). I love to watch and listen as he makes observations about the world. Maybe it's a harkening back to my days of teaching, but seeing him make connections and solve problems is AWESOME.

But there is a flip side to that. He's definitely been testing us more and it takes time/energy/brainpower to stay on top of that. But I think one of the hardest things for me to realize is that he's growing up.

Moms of older kids might be poo-pooing that statement. "Growing up?" they might chuckle, "Why, you've hardly begun!" But I looked today at pictures of Will when he was just born - the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen (and I have the Facebook comments on his picture to prove that I'm not just a biased mom) - and I think about how that wiggly kid now walks, talks, and sings his ABCs....

So all that to say that I've been trying to treasure moments with Will whenever I can. Moments like rocking him to sleep for naps and nighttime. Moments like when he says, "Sit by my mama," when it's time to read a book. Moments when he tugs me away from washing dishes to come color (okay, I wasn't that committed to doing the dishes). Even those moments where I have to chase him and he goes limp so that it's like trying to pick up a piece of soap. Even those moments when he gets upset because he doesn't get his way. Or when I work hard to clean the house, turn around, and see a sea of toddler-caused chaos in the areas I just cleaned. These are moments I want to savor, believe it or not, because right now it's just me and my boy.

Don't get me wrong. I'll be excited when this new one comes along. I am about to go nuts trying to guess the gender! I know that we'll love this new baby and that we'll all get along. But right now is the calm before the storm, and I'm going to hold my little boy close while I can.

Speaking of holding him close, I was rocking him to sleep today for a nap. He fights SO hard when it's time to go to sleep. Today's method of sleep-fighting was saying his memory verse over and over - "Chwildwen, obey yer pawents. In the Lowd. Fow this is WIGHT." I refrained from saying that obedience would involve quiet and sleep. He got there eventually :)


  1. As Mary kept these things in her heart, I am sure you will too! Dad is convinced that Luke got those accounts from Mary because of those passages. It just keeps getting better!

  2. with each of my children, I have learned to savor the moments more and more. I admit, with the first, I didn't always want to sit down long enough to rock...I was a busybody and felt the need to be on the move. But with each child, I learned to sit longer and longer to rock, to sing, to nurse, to read. And OH how I cherish that time when James wakes up at 5 or 6 and I can go snuggle him and nurse him. I know it won't last much longer. What a blessing these little ones are! And what life lessons they teach us!

  3. I have some of the best memories with Mia right before Gabe was born. It's going to be neat that you'll get to do this all over again! I know what you mean - it really does go by fast!