Wednesday, May 29, 2013

35 weeks and all is well.

Nothing much to report. I look like I have a beach ball taped to my stomach. Will is concerned about the lack of room in Mama's lap! This baby is VERY active - Will used to stay in place and pedal his feet against my stomach wall. This baby is all over the map in terms of moving around. I'm feeling good, just big and tired.

We have our ultrasound on Monday to determine where the baby is. We're hoping that we don't get surprised by a breech baby this time, but if we do, the doc is open to using some turning techniques to get baby where he or she is supposed to be! And no - we still don't know what we're having. Here's hoping our old country dr doesn't spoil it by accident on Monday. I'm resigned that if it happens, it happens. And if it does, well, then, I'll be able to buy some fun stuff for baby to come home in. Older people who find out that we're being surprised seem to think it's awesome. People our age seem pretty surprised that we haven't found out. EVERYONE likes to weigh in on what they think I'm having based on how I'm carrying, what I've craved, etc. We'll see! Whenever we ask Will if it's a girl baby or a boy baby in Mama's tummy, he goes back and forth between the two, but he always says, "Find out in few weeks!"

Funny Will moments as of late: - We had friends and family over this weekend, and Will asked people to draw shapes on the sidewalk with the chalk. His requests ranged from squares, rectangles, and circles, to the more interesting trapezoids, hexagons, and octagons.

- Will likes to sing the ABCs nice and loud when he feels he isn't getting enough attention (or when he's trying to fight going to sleep). He also likes to sing numbers 1-10.

- His favorite things right now are wipe-off tracing books with numbers, letters, and shapes. Thank goodness Crayola makes dry-erase crayons. He also loves golf and baseball - he'd stay in the backyard all day to hit balls. Another favorite is "I Spy" books - where you have to find hidden objects.

- There is constant observation and narration going on in this house. He will go and get out a book and narrate it to himself, including telling himself, "Good reading!" and "Good job, you found it!" and "Oh look, here's another one!"

- Last night he was singing ABCs for attention from his adoring fans, so I started to sing with him, and he stopped and said, "NO MAMA SING!" then continued right on with his performance.

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