Thursday, April 26, 2012

1 year plus

Well, it's hard to believe that this time a year ago we were worried about Will's weight loss. Not really a problem anymore.

He's 1 year old (plus a week or 2)! When we went for his one year well check-up, the doctor mentioned that this next year was going to be a fun time because of how much he'll be learning and growing. We've already seen evidence of that! Here are some of the big milestones:

1. Will signs "please", "more", "all done/finished", and today just started signing "drink". The next sign I am going to teach him is "help" :)

2. Will loves to help with the dishwasher. As soon as he hears me open it and start taking dishes out, he makes a beeline for the kitchen. I let him take out all the flatware - he stands there and hands me each item. It takes a little longer, but I am glad to start teaching him to help with chores. A year from now, he'll be doing everything while I sit back and eat bonbons. Right?

3. He loves sports equipment. If he sees anything that is remotely round/globular he gets super excited and says, "BALL! BALL!"

4. He likes his morning coffee. Just kidding. Sort of. I was out of prunes the other day and he needed a little help, so I let him have a sip of my morning iced latte. Did the trick!

5. He thinks all food is called "chzz."

And one of the most important milestones - he's learning how to sleep through the night! I'm trying to adjust to this myself - I almost feel like I'm getting too MUCH sleep.

We had a little get-together with friends and family last Saturday for his birthday. Our house was full of kids and adults chowing down on burgers & brats as well as a baseball-shaped cake ("BALL! BALL!"). Will got some great presents (thanks, friends/family!) which Mommy promptly confiscated for distribution throughout the year (mwahahaha). Unfortunately, he did some giving of his own. We were sick with the stomach flu earlier in the week and thought we were in the clear. All but 3 people came down with it after the party - after which we all decided it was either some sort of mutant germ or a biological warfare agent. It was ugly - and we felt terrible for spreading it! I guess that's another parenting milestone - sharing germs. :/ Pictures to follow soon of our fun day.

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