Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's been a busy year!

Will has been growing by leaps and bounds - although instead of gaining sheer bulk like he did in his first 8 months of life, these last 3 months have been all about all the new things he can do!

Here's a sampler of our almost 11-month-old boy's doings:

1. Loves to play hide and seek - especially when Mama "hides" on the floor and pretends to snore. He crawls over as fast as he can and shrieks to wake me up!

2. He is pulling up on EVERYTHING. If it is taller than him, he's pulling up on it. If it's 6 inches off the ground, he's trying to crawl on top of it. So far he's managed to crawl on top of the open dishwasher door and a dog bed.

3. He loves books. They are his favorite toys at the moment - he loves to pull board books out and sit up and "read" them - he's getting really good at turning pages and sometimes he'll just chatter away as if he's reading it out loud.

4. He's eating solids! We never really did the whole pureed baby food thing, just broke up chunks of whatever we were eating and put it in front of him. He's had some interesting meals - chicken curry, spicy chicken soup, BBQ pork...he's a great eater. I just started letting him have cheese and he is a big fan. Some other favorites include black beans, avocados, rice cereal puffs, rice crackers, carrots, sweet potato fries, and of course, anything from ParkBurger or Chick-Fil-A. He even ate some gnocchi the other night. Woohoo! He'll try pretty much anything, but he HATES bananas.

5. He's babbling a lot. He says Mama, Dada, "bih buh" when you ask him if he's a big boy, and "buh buh" for bye bye (he learned that from our amazing Elmo iPhone app.) He waves hi and bye.

6. He will point to his nose and then if you ask him where Dada's nose or Mama's nose is, he pointa to that.

7. He crawls like crazy - gone are the days when I can leave him in one room and find him there upon my return.

8. He loves to help with laundry or any task that involves taking things out or putting things in baskets.

9. He hates socks. If I put them on him and we go anywhere, one or both socks are off by the time we get there.

10. He loves to Skype - especially if you pop your mouth at him. It's one of his favorite tricks.

Now we're working on his sleep training to make sure he's getting enough sleep for his growing brain! (And for mommy's sanity, she wrote honestly).

We are getting super excited about having a birthday get-together for him soon! Trying to decide if I want to have a "real" party or just have friends/family over - that's what we did when I was a kid and I think more low-key celebrations can be a very good thing...except I might have to have some fun with the cake :)

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