Tuesday, April 12, 2011

41 weeks today!

Well, here I am at 41 weeks. I have to say that the midwives did a pretty good job of preparing me for the fact that I probably won't deliver until my due date + 10 days...the due date came and went and I wasn't that upset or anything. I would love for the baby to come anytime SOON, but I'm also trying to have a good attitude about baby staying in there - it's probably a good thing for baby to bake a little longer. I'm trying to take advantage of the time I have while I have it. I'm cleaning the house and getting little projects done here and there. My nice husband is letting me get a massage today, so maybe that'll kick some things into gear in the labor/delivery department.

Several people have been asking me how long my midwife will let me stay pregnant, what the plan is, etc. etc. So here's a quick rundown of how it can look when you go late with a birth center.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to go in to a doctor's office who is affiliated with the birth center. They will perform a biophysical profile (BPP) which measure 5 different areas of the baby's health: movement, heart rate, amount of amniotic fluid, muscle tone, and breathing rate. If all these are within normal range, I'll be declared fit to continue into my 42nd week. If they find something that suggests I'll need to go on and deliver the baby, I'll go on and discuss my options with the doctor. Prayers for a nice, normal BPP would be appreciated!

Assuming all goes well with the BPP and I don't have the baby before then, I'll have another midwife appointment on Friday (which is 10 days past my due date). At that point, I'll have a much longer visit with them to talk about what they can do to help move things along. There are several non-pharmaceutical interventions they can do in the office - I won't go into specific details about each procedure! They will send me home with herbs and a specific dosage of castor oil. After my Friday appointment, I'll be in touch with the midwives every day by phone to tell them what is working or not working. Based on my feedback, they'll have suggestions about things I can do at home to help Baby get the message that it's time to come on out!

I can deliver at the birth center until Wednesday of next week - after that, they'll need to switch me to hospital-based care because they are required to under Colorado law.

I feel like I have a good attitude - Baby will come when Baby wants to come, no matter what I do. While we've planned for a birth center birth, if we need to switch to hospital care in order to make sure Baby gets here in the safest possible manner, we are okay to handle that. The nice thing about the birth center is that they have a great relationship with the doctors next door at the hospital, so I know that they are familiar with what we'd like our birth experience to look like.

While we're trying to have good and patient attitudes, we're also ready to have this baby! Thoughts and prayers are always helpful and encouraging - so many of you have been so good to tell us that we're in your prayers. It means a lot to us to know that so many people are cheering us on from the sidelines. We are so excited and we can't wait to share Baby G with you!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, still no baby. The official due date is tomorrow and, as I've mentioned before, the birth center says their average first-time mama delivers at due date + 10 days. So if baby decides to come April 15th, we'll just celebrate the fact that we'll get a tax deduction next year! :)

Lately, the conversation around our house has been about what the baby will look like. I have mentioned to Ben several times that I hope Baby inherits his nose and dimples. I'd like for Baby to get my blue eyes (although Ben's eyes are pretty nice too!), ability to slightly sunburn then tan overnight, my aptitude for language, and good posture. I hope Baby does NOT inherit my temper, my nose, the tendency for my skin to break out, or Ben's hairy feet (sorry, Ben).

This line of thought leads me to the other traits that Baby might inherit, whether genetically or through exposure to familial lore. Here are my thoughts and hopes.

Starting with the grandparents...I hope that Baby inherits...

From Granddad Paul Greiving - the ability to listen and give wise counsel. So many times "P-Diddy" has been such a help to us, offering balance and experience in a situation where we were confused or frustrated. I know he offers this to so many people, so much that people have said that as an elder, he "smells like sheep." I would love Baby to inherit P-diddy's love of sports and tendency to give funny nicknames to people or places. I also hope Baby gets his knack with numbers, because that certainly isn't coming from me!

From Grandmom Laura Greiving - a love of hospitality and service. My mother-in-law amazes me with her ability to constantly have people in her home - and enjoy it! She can stretch food in so many different ways. Her home is comfortable and clean and she uses it to host out-of-town guests, hungry college students, friends and family, and the list goes on. She also loves to sprinkle people with little gifts - nothing big or fancy, but a handwritten note or a handmade trinket, even a special tea towel. She is so good about making people comfortable and loved (a trait that she shares with my own mom, as you'll read in a moment).

From Grandad John Trimble - the ability to examine problems, fix them, and then explain patiently to someone how he did it. My dad can fix just about anything - and if he can't, it probably isn't worth fixing. Thanks to my dad, I know more about cars than a lot of females. He showed me that you can sit down, look at something, try a couple of things, and even if you don't fix it, you can still learn from the experience. I'm pretty sure I get some of my teaching abilities from Dad, because he was always so patient to sit us down and explain what he was doing and how he was doing it. I hope that my daddy can give Baby the same confidence he gave me - and some of the mechanical/flying abilities would be wonderful too!

From Grandma Cherry Trimble - a love for others and selflessness. Ask any kid I grew up with at church and they will tell you that they remember my mom always sending birthday cards with stickers in them. Fast-forward to today and look at my mom's calendar - almost every day is covered with birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates - every one of which will be commemorated with a card, phone call, or e-card. One of the greatest gifts you can give my mom is a roll of stamps, which she'll use to bring joy to other people. Mom often goes out of her way to help other people get to a Bible class or a church service, but she sees it as a service. My mom is most at peace when she's done everything she can to make sure everyone is happy and content. I hope that Baby inherits her love of making people feel happy and loved.

My next installment will focus on what I'd like Baby to inherit from the great-grandparents....

To Be Continued!